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Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone

5 The La’s – There She Goes

Depsite a moment where ‘String of Pearls’ was challenging for all categories, this was one of the easier ones. I was about 20 when my first proper girlfriend – as in, we lived together – left me. We were both young and really just playing at being growed-ups. We were lazy, messy, screwed a lot and wondered what it would be like to have real responsibilities.

Then I somehow ended up in student politics and we started drifting into different worlds. The break-up was brilliantly written: I came home too late one night to find a letter and her stuff gone. I wallowed in a scene: I sat with a bottle of Jim Beam and played this record 42 times in a row. That’s how long it took me to finish the bottle.

Twenty years later , whenever I hear this, she’s right back in my mind, along with the taste of bourbon, folded and refolded paper, lifting the needle and starting over.


The La’s – There She Goes


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