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Marc Williams, writer & designer: 'Life's too short for empty slog ans'

You, Will, listen.

We saw some very old friends for the first time in the best part of a decade last weekend. Will and I are of similar(ish) ages and careers, and we both have wives with dark hair, neither of whom really seem to have the time or the inclination to listen to the stupid mixtapes we are both still (it transpires) spending days at a time tinkering with and fine tuning for their benefit.

That’s OK, I guess: they’re busy; we made them have children  and Facebook isn’t going to update itself, is it? So Will and I are going to continue to amuse ourselves with mixtapes, but now also each other. It’ll be like mutual mastu- I’m not going finish that. You know what I mean. Will sent me a spotify mix which was good ,but I was bemoaning how Spotify can’t give you all the little bits of found sound that form an integral part of a really obsessively-crafted mixtape, and would have to carry on creating zips of iTunes playlists and uploading them. Which is what this is.

Backstory – read only if desperate.
This is a Valentine’s mix from 2007, featuring my first few interesting edits (particularly pleased with the segue into Gypsy Man) and Daisy, aged 3, sounding bored on the potty.

Gareth Pitmann was just this guy I knew.

The Artwork was from the side of his van.

Some girl at the local college on the hairdressing A-level did it.


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March 2011


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