The Bush of Goats

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Since moving here (to Somerset, from London) a lot has changed: the scale of change has been a bit daunting on occasion, but generally, it’s been good. One of the biggest changes has been the sudden and very literal presence of the church in my life – the above photo is from my office window, and largely captures (albeit with a lower competence than your eyes could) what I can see from my desk.

Now I’m fairly open-minded and willing to entertain all thoughts and outcomes (unless it’s morris dancing, or that other thing) so I knew when we first saw the house that the presence of St Peter might have a bearing on our lives: I am no kind of christian, but, I was willing to think about it and, if needs or mood changed, to actually engage with… God.

The thing is, my internal, ‘Am I becoming a christian?’ dialogue was starting to take over. Every time I sat down to work, I’d look up and see that. But then one of the most astonishing things happened. You can’t make it out from the photo (Again, the limitations of not being able to see with your own eyes) but reflected on the window beyond which sits my tormentor, is my laptop.
More specifically, my Apple Macbook, WITH ITS ILLUMINATED LOGO OF AN APPLE WITH A BITE OUT OF IT is reflected in the doorway of the churc
That made me laugh (and gasp a little bit too) and there’s nothing like a good laugh to shake off an ominous sense of dread is there?
Now, whenever I start fretting about who has ultimate control of my destiny and whether I should get on side with him, I just have to look up…. and a bit to the left.

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