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A license for printing money

Having just completed a stint at the Big British Castle, the relationship between the independent micro production company (me) and the mega-corp (them) has been on my mind. Then the pepperami crowdsourced brief came up and I wondered about that as an idea for the license fee. make it a ‘membership fee’ paid as it currently is, but make payments back to people when they contribute something to the BBC ‘feed’. Maybe it’s responding to a question posed by a DJ on Radio 1-6 and you get 2.4p rebated if it’s aired, or maybe you form part of a large body of skilled individuals who are doing a costume drama and you’re drawing additional salary from other license fee holders who want to see it. Clearly, the detail isnt’ there (prolly never will be either) but the point is, you’re doing away with the broadcast hegemony at a time when the whole idea of being massive is starting to look increasingly creaky.

Just a thought.

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