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A faltering false start


Cough, splutter… that’s plaster dust. Don’t worry about it.

Hi! I see the last thing I wrote here was over two years ago now which is a shocking lapse. But I have been busy you see…

I see the subject of said last post was the nature of the true hero, as embodied in Captain America. I think I watched it on a laptop in a hotel in Basingstoke, just before I started really ripping the house to pieces (There is a gallery of images here, should you be curious: House & Garden) A lot of it is now finished (a lot of it hasn’t yet been started, but I’m over the 50% mark), but while it was happening I was also working pretty much permanently in Basingstoke, for The AA as a copywriter for their web, email and print. And writing screenplays on the 5 hour daily commute (the hotel proved impractical).

Doing the blogging (the kids still call it that, right?) was not way up my list of tasks.

Now, the Golden Goose which was the AA (AAgg – double gold!) has been rendered sadly lifeless, and I find myself yet again having not kept up, as it were.

I hope to find time to finish the new work folio site, at the address, copywritermarc ‘dot’ com before too long. Although this may prove to be another mouth-cheque my ass has insufficient funds to cash.

BUT if you would like to talk about something to do with work, you may find me on twitter at @bushofgoats, or via email on



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